We appreciate the enthusiastic response from fellow members who are helping to plan and execute Centennial-themed programs and activities that will occur throughout the year.

Some of these areas continue to require volunteer assistance. For more information, please contact the synagogue office or Centennial Co-Chairs Andy Kaplan, Andrew Steinerman and Rachel Wolf.

Marketing Committee
Co-chairs – Phyllis Roth and Daniel Solomons

Centennial Webpage:
– Share Your Story
– Things That Occurred in the Last 100 Years

Archives Organization
Co-chairs – Talia Graff and Seth Jonas

Oral History Project
Co-chairs – Joan Kagan and Ira Kellman

Neighborhood Walk
Co-Chairs Shira Orenstein and Danny Kahn

Black and White Soiree, held on November 4, 2017
Co-chairs – Dina Burcat, Phyllis Roth, Rose Lynn Sherr, Rona Steinerman

100 Acts of Chesed Challenge
Chair: Naomi Goldman

#100 MealShabbat

100 Trivia Night
Chair: Len Berman

Shabbat of Song

Hachnassat Sefer Torah Project

Centennial Gala Dinner, on June 5th 2018
Chair: Gilda T. Chodosh