It is a great honor for me to have the privilege of serving as the Chair of the Centennial Capital Campaign. As we all know, The Jewish Center is a very special and unique institution, and a place many of us consider to be a second home. We are now at a monumental and exhilarating time in our Synagogue’s history, as we have the opportunity to enable our community to leap boldly into its next 100 years.
It is no secret that sustaining a rigorous, stimulating, forward thinking and dynamic staff and programming schedule, while also maximizing and maintaining the enormous facility of our multi-floored building, comes with great expense. The realities of today are different from the realities of old. We must dedicate energy and resources to keeping both our building and our congregation safe and secure. We must create inspiring and welcoming spaces for our young children and teens to which they feel connected. And we must create a vision for where we see our great Jewish Center growing in the next century.
Just like so many of you, Andrew, Kira and I take great pride in being a part of The Jewish Center Family. Now is our opportunity to give back to a synagogue that has been there for us during our most celebratory moments as well as our darkest days.
Please consider partnering with us and making a lasting difference for this historic and hallowed institution. Your actions today will create a legacy for your future.
With much respect,
Rachel Wolf


$1,000,000 LEVEL
  • Naming of the New 7th Floor Event Space
  • Installation of a 2nd Elevator
$500,000 LEVEL
  • Naming of 1st Floor Lobby
  • Naming of the Gym
  • Naming of the New Youth Lounge on the 6th Floor
  • Naming of the Senior Rabbi Position
  • Naming of the Stained Glass Window in Main Sanctuary
$250,000 LEVEL
  • Naming of the Bima in the Sanctuary
  • Naming and Purchase of a New Sefer Torah
  • Naming of the Chazzan Position
  • Naming of the Sukkah
$180,000 LEVEL
  • Naming of the Ner Tamid in the Sanctuary
  • Naming of the Security Room on the 1st Floor
  • Naming of the Oral History Video project
  • Naming of the Centennial “100 Acts of Chesed” Project
  • Naming of the 8th Floor
$100,000 LEVEL
  • Naming of the Assistant Rabbi Position
  • Naming of Jacob’s Ladder (Main Staircase)
  • Naming of the Hat Room
  • Naming of Centennial Donor Recognition Wall
  • Naming of the Kol Na’arim Tallit
  • Naming of the Senior Rabbi’s Office
$50,000 LEVEL
  • Naming of the Centennial Scholarly Journal
  • Dedication of the Front Door Mezzuzah
  • Naming of the 4th Floor Aron Kodesh
  • Naming of the Assistant Rabbi’s Office
  • Naming of Rabbi’s Annual Shabbat Hagadol Drasha
  • Naming of Rabbi’s Annual Shabbat Shuva Drasha
$36,000 LEVEL
  • Naming of the High Holiday Parochet in the Sanctuary
  • CSS Guard Post
  • 4th Floor Shulchan Cover
  • Hashkama Kiddush Room