October 18, 1918 The Journal of The Jewish Center – Volume II No. 7

Members’ meeting; Meeting of Women Members to organize for patriotic work (decide to work for the JWB); permanent assignment of seats. Women and childen should attend services even if “economic condition” prevent men from attending.

October 25, 1918 The Journal of the Jewish Center–Volume II No. 8

Announcement of Wednesday evenings singing, bible study, and review of current events; Hebrew class for women, women meet on Mondays and Thursdays from 2-5 to sew outfits for infants whose fathers are in the army

Questions to be addressed by Rabbi M. Kaplan in his sermon:
  1. Why are we shocked at the idea that God should demand human sacrifice, whereas we would never think of questioning the right of country or democracy to demand such sacrifice?
  2. Is self-sacrifice natural?
  3. Under what conditions would we gladly make sacrifices for Judaism?